Amanda Clay

Amanda Clay

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station & Omega Mart


Amanda Clay is the Chief Development Officer of Meow Wolf, a US-based innovative arts and entertainment company that creates mind-bending experiences through immersive and interactive storytelling. As CDO, Amanda oversees all creative, fabrication, and development of Meow Wolf’s permanent physical exhibitions . She began at Meow Wolf six years ago as the Managing Director of the House of Eternal Return, shortly after opening in 2016 as General Manager, and has since built out and oversees the exhibitions operations teams in all four permanent exhibitions as well as Meow Wolf’s future exhibitions. Prior to Meow Wolf, Amanda spent thirteen years building global and national campaigns in the marketing and advertising industry for agency giants Havas, McGarry Bowen, and Berlin Camerson. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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The Real Unreal

EVP, Chief of Exhibitions

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Convergence Station

Vice President of Attraction Operations

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Omega Mart

Vice President of Attraction Operations

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