Andrew Cabaniss

Andrew Cabaniss

Worked on Omega Mart & Convergence Station


Andrew is a New Mexico-raised chaotic neutral mammal.  
His natural habitat is Albuquerque, where he has nested with his family, including two dogs who help keep him very safe from rabbits and doves. He can often be seen sampling bakeries, out on trails, and conducting gardening experiments.  
He's variously been a computational social science researcher, a Modern Greek instructor, a geology student, a topographer and part time registrar for an archaeological excavation in Crete, a data engineer, a mentor for students learning Python, a Mediterranean archaeology student, and a data engineering manager.  
This one time, he was hired by an immersive art company a month before they started selling tickets for a portal-ridden grocery store in Las Vegas through a brand new ticketing system, and had set up a data pipeline by the time tickets went on sale.  
In case you ever need to verify Andrew's identity, he will almost always order his chile Christmas.  
In case you ever need to nerdsnipe him, ask about the Lorenz Attractor, Early Iron Age Greece, data standards, or, even better, all three.

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Omega Mart

Data Engineer

Data infrastructure to report on Omega Mart shoppers, Meowgaritas, and DramCorp employees.

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Convergence Station

Lead Data Engineer

Data infrastructure for reporting on QDOT travelers, Convergence Station blankets, and lost mems.

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