Ashley Frazier

Ashley Frazier

Worked on Convergence Station


Ashley Frazier is a multidisciplinary artist and Colorado Native. Ashley has spent the last decade working professionally as artist & curator. She received her BFA from Metro State University, completed her residency at RedLine Contemporary Art Center in 2018 and is recognized as one of Westword’s Colorado Creatives. Her work often explores the relationship of people and their surroundings by pairing the allure with the uncanny, alongside the natural and artificial. Pairing materials and concepts which are inherently in opposition informs her process which involves collecting and cataloging, repeating and reflecting, demolishing and reconstructing. Currently, Ashley is collaborating with her husband on various projects including a studio focusing on the intersection of art and virtual/augmented technology. She enjoys that her various projects allow her to serve as a connector and a creator.

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