Brian Pinkham

Brian Pinkham

Worked on Omega Mart


Brian Pinkham of PhotonicBliss has been creating mind altering psychedelic light art for over a decade with the goal to continually push the envelope of what’s possible at the intersection of art and technology with a penchant for the luminous.

Beginning his career as a robotics engineer at Lockheed Martin, Brian began to see the writing on the wall that the tech he was developing would ultimately be used for violence and destruction. Upon realizing this, he chose to end what had up until that point been his dream job and instead use his technological talents to instead create beauty and powerful positive experiences.

PhotonicBliss is one of the pioneers in the light art world and has been showed all around around the world at events such as EDC, LIB, Burning Man, Envision, BOOM, and countless others as well as having produced work for Apple, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, and Acura.

The future is bright and PhotonicBliss will continue to translate the ineffable nature of the psychedelic experience into tangible real world experiences for years to come.

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