Carey Thompson

Carey Thompson

Worked on Omega Mart


Carey Thompson is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, growing up in Virginia, then living in North Carolina, New Mexico, and California. From a young age he dedicated his passions to the sciences, as it was the only path he knew of understanding the world around him. However, in his teens and early twenties the reductionist worldview he had began to shift and eventually collapse as the more spiritual visionary experiences forced a new way of understanding the world to emerge. Gratefully, Carey also had a passion for creating art, and realized he could continue his pursuits of science related studies through the medium of art. Thus began his art career, and for the first 15 years that was primarily oil paintings, which he shared in galleries and festivals in many parts of the world. The last 15 years has been more dominated by large scale interactive installations, with the collaborative synergies of other builders, artisans, and tech wizards. The primary impetus of his work is to heal the schism of our species with the rest of the natural world, firmly believing it is our disconnection with the greater universe and all within it is the root cause of most if not all of our problems. He found art as a powerful mechanism and tool to help ignite that awareness, using nature's language of sacred geometry and beauty, helping inspire people to find their own passions, creating a building planetary momentum of creativity. Carey is extremely optimistic about the power and potential of art and its ability to really steer this ship back on course. Carey now resides in Costa Rica, where he immerses himself in raw nature, with surfing and jungle living, hoping to channel as much creative energy as possible towards that goal of our species living in harmony with all that is.

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