Carrie Taylor

Carrie Taylor

Worked on Omega Mart & Convergence Station


Proud supporter of Meow Wolf Workers Collective.  
Things I adore:

  • Francesca Searer
  • Weird art
  • The National Park System
  • Organized labor
  • Tacos
  • Sledding
    After working on Omega Mart, Convergence Station, and the Grapevine Project, Carrie hung up her Exhibitions hat and jumped over to join the wonderful dreamboats on the Meow Wolf DigiOps team. Kindness is everything.
Omega Mart Logo

Omega Mart

Show Coordinator

Favorite Omega Mart projects include: Clothing Rack Portal, Janitor Closet Portal, Kewl-R, Produce Shelf, Shelf Maze Portal, Brittany Blouch Fan Club


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Convergence Station

Show Coordinator

Carrie did the thrilling work of materials permitting and fire department compliance documentation on Convergence Station. If you think this sounds thrilling and exciting, you would be correct.

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