Demiurge LLC

Demiurge LLC

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About the Collective

Joe Riche - Owner
Jason Below - Production Director
Abby Bennett - Operations Director
Wynn Buzzell - Concept Lead
Jon Marc Engelman - Design Lead
Katya Strakhova - Fabricator
Cole O'Donnell - Fabricator
Gary Pasquale - Fabricator
Ian Paisley - Fabricator
Erik Wangsvick - Fabricator
Ethan Casselberry - Fabricator

A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists' visions to bring them to life. Effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled.

Building art is complex and exciting. That's why we love it and have developed a myriad of techniques to build whatever our clients dream up. We leverage our research and development cycles, hone our precision fabrication techniques, and rely heavily on the full digital integration between the design team and our production shop to create finished works that exceed expectations. We understand the importance of keeping clients connected via daily updates, a real-time private client web page, photo and video progress reports, and on site visits, all of which are built into the project timeline and deliverables.

Much of the front end work we do at Demiurge is design development; every project presents a new and exciting set of challenges. Bring us a simple maquette, a napkin sketch, or a partially developed 3D model and our design team has the skills and experience to figure out all the details, create construction drawings, finalize engineering requirements, and plan the transport, installation and maintenance of the piece.

Demiurge offers full concept design services. Our creative team has experience working on public and private projects all over North America. We are always excited to create site specific works that speak to the culture, history, architecture, and environment of a place. We can design original works or help you finish the schematic design of an existing idea. We work closely with our fabrication team to make sure our designs are realistic and buildable within a given budget.

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