Erin Barnes

Erin Barnes

Worked on Convergence Station


Erin K. Barnes is a Denver-based writer of memoir, speculative fiction, music journalism, and travel. A synesthete, PR wing woman, mother, and Colorado native, she penned a travel book of quick escapes from the city called Easy Weekend Getaways from Denver and Boulder, out now with Countryman Press/W.W. Norton. Erin revisited her rebellious youth with a low art exploration of the Fort Collins punk scene of the ‘90s, Glory Guitars: Memoir of a `90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl. The scene’s wastoid punks and sexual nihilism provide no shortage of cheap thrills, as well as a sharp lens to explore gender stereotypes that bind us all. Glory Guitars straddles this dichotomy like it's a live rocket: joyful, explosive, visceral, manic and gut-punchingly heartbreaking.  
Erin is still known to some in Denver as Headmistress of the Donnybrook Writing Academy, an award-winning tongue-in-cheek society blog formed in the aughts. Her PR efforts before Meow Wolf brought international acclaim to the Black Monarch Hotel, a haunted bordello in a ghost town renovated into a Victorian gothic boutique hotel. There, she co-led the Haunted Writer’s Retreat, a five-day immersive horror writing workshop that she co-founded with Josiah Hesse, writer of Runner’s High/the Canality series/Vice. Her recent bylines include Men's Heath, BUST, Syfy, and OK Whatever. Erin was honored as one of Westword’_s 100 Colorado Creatives and _303 Magazine’s 70 Colorado Creatives. She lives in Denver with her two kids and two kittens.

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Convergence Station

Public Relations Manager

My job has been to help tell the story of Convergence Station to the Colorado media and community. I helped to shape the way we unveiled this phantasmagoria to the public, from the initial announcement of the name, theme, and opening date that resulted in our selling 35,000 tickets in 24 hours, to keeping the media interested in the many facets of the narrative, artists, activations, and events at the exhibition.

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