Heather Burdette

Heather Burdette

Worked on Omega Mart


A longtime Las Vegas resident, Heather performed as an actor in production shows on the Strip for the first half of her life in the city, before going freelance as both an entertainer for events and an engagement specialist for hundreds of conventions and trade shows. She would sometimes be in a booth representing a client in company uniform during the day, and entertaining on stilts at the after-party the same evening - and was only rarely recognized from day to night.  
Heather is also a lifelong DIYer who is equally handy with paint or a glue gun, Photoshop or a spreadsheet, and has always been regarded in personal and professional circles for her creativity and organization. These skills combined with a passion for advertising led to a slow but exciting transition out of entertainment and into Marketing.  
Prior to joining Meow Wolf, Heather covered marketing needs for 4.5 different shows at Cirque du Soleil, where she art-directed and/or led projects for award-winning 3D billboards and other real-world experiential marketing installations. Meow Wolf was only a dream until 2020, when the right opportunity opened up at exactly the right time.

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Omega Mart

Marketing Campaign Manager

Heather helped to launch marketing and all Las Vegas "out of home" advertising from Omega Mart's later pre-opening stages in 2020. She headed the development of a pre-launch Meow Wolf brand awareness campaign along with additional pre- and post-launch campaigns to promote brand recognition and ticket sales. After the opening of the exhibit, she drove the development of the primary brand creative campaign and managed all advertising placements from end to end, among other contributions. In this role, Heather was also the acting project manager and/or creative producer responsible for leading several "spectacular" experiential marketing build outs including prominently-placed 3D billboards and the 2021 Obie award-winning Iconic Mobile Billboard which receive millions of impressions annually from Las Vegas visitors and locals.

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