Karen Billard

Karen Billard

Worked on House of Eternal Return


“It is a really powerfully emotional experience to walk through the house knowing I have laid down at least one layer of paint in every room. I walk through the exhibit knowing that my hand has touched so many spaces. And my heart has been touched by so many hearts. Community. That is Meow Wolf and the House of Eternal Return to me.”

Karen joined the HoER project working on the Orbital Nest. Her contributions included applying scratch and architectural elements to both the interior and exterior, and creating the bedding and arranging the clothing elements inside the orb.

Karen made additional ‘material’ contributions to the House, Dave’s Alley and Treenado. She made transitional clothing to move the viewer from the parent’s closet into (Cole’s player piano space). She also made the awning covers in the Alley and the cushions in Treenado.

Karen is trained as a pattern maker and has worked in the fashion industry in New York, and made costumes for theater, opera and dance productions from Cape Cod and Boston to Santa Fe. She is currently working in all aspects of costuming, from design to construction to set costuming, for the film industry in Santa Fe.

Karen is a former president of the Provincetown Theater, Director of the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center and Lead Director of the Living Arts Institute.

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