Marsi Gray

Marsi Gray

Worked on The Real Unreal & Omega Mart


Marsi Gray has built her career around supporting exquisite creative expression. She has worked in many facets of production and experience design over the past 25 years. As the Sr. Creative Producer for the Las Vegas exhibition, she enjoyed the interplay that exists between curation and execution, and the great presence that production demands. Gray is passionately exploring the ways we, as humans, can be moved through artful experience.

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The Real Unreal

Senior Creative Producer

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Omega Mart

Senior Creative Producer

I joined Meow Wolf in January of 2018 to be the lead producer on the project. I was involved in the project from the inception of the idea through execution. What I contributed is a mere fraction compared to the massive efforts of the project team and each artist that worked on Omega Mart. I am forever in awe of their work ethic, dedication and creativity.

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