Robin Slonina

Robin Slonina

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Robin Slonina is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative output includes mixed-media paintings, mural painting, body painting, indoor and outdoor sculpture, performance, and site-specific installation art.

Robin graduated from SAIC art school in her hometown of Chicago, but Las Vegas has been her adopted home since 2005, where she founded the world-famous Skin City Body Painting. In her capacity as Skin City’s Artistic Director, she has created award-winning artistic spectacles for Absolut vodka, Cirque du Soleil, the Latin Grammys and the Gay Pride Parade among many others. Her work has been exhibited at the Kohler Museum in Wisconsin; Compton Verney Museum in England; the Smart Museum, the Peace Museum, the Contemporary Arts Workshop, and Artemisia Gallery in Chicago; Atomic Todd Gallery, The Arts Factory, The Smith Center and Recycled Propaganda in Las Vegas, as well as many other galleries and museums around the world.

Her art has been featured on multiple television shows, including several Travel Channel specials, the Jimmy Kimmel show, NatGeo’s “Brain Games”, Penn & Teller’s “Bullsh*t”, History Channel's "Pawn Stars", 2 Chainz "Most Expensivest" and a Superbowl commercial, among others. Slonina is probably best known as a Producer and Judge on the hit body painting competition show Skin Wars.

She is passionate about the many charitable causes she works with, including LGBTQ+ advocacy, youth-at-risk programs, children’s cancer research, and multiple art programs for developmentally and physically challenged children and adults.

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Artist Liaison

In my capacity as the Las Vegas Artist Liaison, I was thrilled to help birth the concept of the Mega Art Zone, fueled by my desire to create the opportunity for over 50 local Las Vegas artists to participate. We hired a local muralist and sculptor for the installation, who got to work with some awesome Meow Wolf founders and crew in a series of overnight creations. This project also gives the ongoing opportunity to 45+ local Vegas artists to create the mini-art sold inside the art vending machines, providing a fun creative challenge and regular monthly income for this talented bunch of local makers.


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