Steph_Stevie Sanchez

Steph_Stevie Sanchez

Worked on Convergence Station


I was born and raised in Miami, FL by two Cuban immigrant parents who loved to decorate and build things when they had any free time. I am a silly passionate artist who loves facility as much as creative. Currently, I am a Sr. Coordinator on the Texas portals and hope to learn even more by being a larger part of the team as we open the next two exhibits. I draw, paint, sculpt, build and design digitally in my spare time. I am fluent in Spanish and am very proud of my Cuban roots. I recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver with a focus in Digital Design and Communications.

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Convergence Station

Creative Direction Intern

I was introduced to the world(s) Meow Wolf creates with the construction of Convergence Station in Denver, Colorado. I applied to be an intern for one of the project's Creative Directors, Chadney Everett. I was welcomed by great people and jumped right into learning how to review work that had been completed in different areas of the exhibit. C Street was my main focus and I was able to take on the role of locating the Subs and Speakers that needed to be shrouded to match the surrounding areas. I communicated locations and style to the audio team who vetted solutions. I later had the interesting task of choosing the tables and chairs for the Cafe and I think they added a cool vibe to the area. Lastly, I also assisted by taking photos of exhibit details and rooms to keep Google Drive files for reference to aid in future maintenance efforts.

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