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Convergence Station

Botanical Soirée

Located in Front of House

Botanical Soirée was brought to life by Convergence Station's Exhibition Maintenance Associate and Artist Natalia G. da Silva (or 'Talia' to most in the Denver art scene). Inspired by her mother's childhood garden, love of nature and humor, Talia was the lead artist for this outdoor experience, and hopes to contribute much more to the team and exhibition. 
This space is a peaceful outdoor experience inviting a series of floral sculptures made from various materials. The main source of material is "Instamorph": a moldable plastic material that solidifies once settled to room temperature. Not only can this material be molded around other three-dimensional items, but can be primed and painted as well. After a series of sketches, multiple trial runs were encouraged to understand the feel of the material. 
After a total of three months, over eighty flowers were created to complete Botanical Soirée, facing the public for a little more than a year. Many of the flowers have been sculpted to resemble puns, such as the Dandelion with a lion face, or the "Two-lips" giving the viewer a smooch. Botanical Soirée is located outside of the HELLOFOOD'S cafe, a great location to enjoy a quick snack while still remaining in the exhibit.

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