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Omega Mart

Trophy Awards Case

Located in Dramcorp

The trophy awards case is where Omega Mart stores its awards, history, and ephemera from its past. From a zoomed out perspective it observes what we consider valuable, what is success? The fading glimmer of a relic from a long passed ceremony. The meaning of varying stages of life… birth, marriage, career, parenting, climbing ladders, ascending. Crystals encased in the earth…bones, relics buried, dug up. A bountiful harvest. Objects over time; bought, forgotten, thrown away, discovered, recycled, polluted, transformed. The nest hives of humans where we store our shining things and our hopes and dreams and the forgotten.

The trophy award case was made over the course of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first series of objects were made in the midst of a bustling and crowded workplace, later worked on in residential isolation and handed over in sanitized and distanced brief exchanges with collaborators, and finalized back in a subdued, hushed and cautious workplace almost unrecognizable from its former self. For me personally that time period was an interesting meditation on uncertainty, value and coming into a simpler and internal lifestyle. I was fortunate to be able to comfortably work from home at my own pace, in this sort of solitary 24 hour torpor on the video element, but eventually my home became crowded with the objects made for this piece.

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