Andrea Thurber

Andrea Thurber

Worked on Convergence Station


Hear the death rattle of our patriarchal fathers- the false prophets, the destroyers of worlds, the gods, the masters. We want to build a new way of worship: erecting cathedrals of code on top of the graves of their greed. Never forgetting the past and forever escaping it. Forging new rituals shaped by rejection- rejection of their behaviors, their histories, their versions of truth. We want to reclaim the other and reshape history. We want to make way for the real keepers of truth. The illuminators and the photographers, the hackers and the seamstresses, the glassworkers and the printers — imperfect and ever changing, always listening, always seeing, always devoting. Life is our religion and translation our chapel. We are The Church of Many.

THE CHURCH OF MANY is an all female interdisciplinary art collective. They address sociopolitical and transcendental subject matter with levity and mysticism. Inspired by psychedelic art and experimental design, they create experiential work that asks the audience to cultivate an awareness of the human condition, question faith, and prioritize compassion in the face of our digital age and all of it’s absurdities and injustices.

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