Christopher Owen Nelson

Christopher Owen Nelson

Worked on Convergence Station


Christopher Owen Nelson is an award-winning and nationally-recognized sculptor from Colorado whose organic forms and alternative materials seek to reveal the dynamic nature of existence. His classical education at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design served as a formal foundation in the fine arts of painting and drawing, while an early career in construction gave him valuable experience in concrete, steel and woodworking that would provide the substructure for a new and innovative artistic approach. Through prestigious exhibitions and collections, his artworks have travelled the globe and found permanent residence in museums, public spaces, as well as corporate and private collections.
Nelson illustrates deliberate yet subconscious narratives guided by lucid dreamscape, using such materials as resin, wood, metal and acrylic. The textures and microscopic elements of the natural world gain new life, purpose, and movement by the ways Nelson magnifies and sets them as central elements in his work. Mirroring his own self development, his work continues to grow in scale and concept. Deeply driven by process and technique, he allows his enormous and often interactive sculptures to evolve as an examination of self, as well as the details of nature around him--creating with the intent of energetically communicating what cannot be said. You can find his work at www.chrisnelsonfineart.com for artistic accolades and to inquire about both private and public acquisitions worldwide.

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