James Peterson

James Peterson

Worked on Omega Mart


My passion is creating sculpture for people to enjoy.

The true success of my work is in the interactivity and responsiveness between the artwork and those who experience it.

I am a Michigan native with a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design, who has always been curious about the relation between organic and man-made materials. This journey has led me to the realm of kinetic and interactive works melded with computer aided fabrication, allowing me to fuse a penchant for materials and processes with a new way of artistic expression.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles with my wife and precocious son, Nova. Previously, I’ve worked in Automotive Prototyping, in Film - both in Visual Effects and Art Department. I also did a 10-year stint at the Sci-ARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture) running the digital fabrication facility. My works and installations have exhibited at Art Basel, Kunst Raum-Switzerland, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the LA Artshow, the City of West Hollywood, The Hermitage Museum, Pacific Design Center’s “Westweek” and The Burning Man Project to mention a few.

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