Jeremy Joachim

Jeremy Joachim

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Jeremy Joachim is a creative technology designer based in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. He currently works at Adobe as an Experience Developer on the Machine Intelligence Design team, a multidisciplinary group of designers and engineers investigating what the future of AI could look like for our creative tools and products. How can we meet these increasingly intelligent systems with holistically-considered experiences that are at the forefront intuitive, empathetic, inclusive, and empowering? Jeremy believes in a future where technology doesn’t replace creativity but instead enables it, not just for professional artists but for everyone and anyone who wants to express themselves.

Before Adobe, Jeremy worked at multiple design studios, building experiences and telling stories in refreshing and interactive ways. Along the way, he's honed skills in robotics, AR & VR, motors and sensors, generative graphics, real-time rendering, and all things prototyping. Through his work both professionally and personally, he aims to get a better understanding of the relationships between people and the physical and digital architectures that surround them.

Jeremy is inspired by work that's interdisciplinary across fields we've been taught were never supposed to harmonize. He also likes beatboxing, tennis, and competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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