Joseph Farbrook

Joseph Farbrook

Worked on Omega Mart


Joseph Farbrook grew up mostly in New York City and Santa Fe. His father was a concrete poet and his mother, a painter. Farbrook creates digital artwork in the form of electronic installations, interactive video, augmented and virtual reality installations, video sculptures, live performances, and interactive screen projections. He has invented customized media platforms that mix physical and virtual art making practices. Within his work, he explores the evolution and consequences of cultural mythology and mediated perception.
Farbrook exhibits his work regularly in galleries and museums worldwide, including SIGGRAPH, International Symposium for Electronic Arts, CURRENTS, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Watermans Gallery (London), Cyberarts Gallery, and numerous solo and group exhibitions in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle and other cities. Joseph Farbrook is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona.

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