Kalyn Heffernan

Kalyn Heffernan

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Kalyn Heffernan & Gregg Ziemba saw each other at a wild punk show in middle school, and attended many of the same concerts well before the two would officially meet later on. After playing a show together in their mid-twenties, Kalyn and Gregg began plotting and scheming together immediately. The two formed a strong creative bond at Denver’s famed DIY venue, Unit E, located atop a sketchy metal staircase. There was never a question as to how Kalyn would get in, and since the many years of friendship, Gregg has probably carried Kalyn’s sixty-pound body and wheelchair up a million stairs by now, including some mega-cliffs, beaches, muddy isles, deserts, mountains, even laughingly letting her go flying down giant hills and skateparks around the world and back. Gregg joined Kalyn’s band, Wheelchair Sports Camp, shortly after the pair became friends. They haven’t stopped pushing to make bigger moves, switch lanes, connect the dots, and make the future more accessible, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable since - not just for their big group of weirdo friends, but also for their growing fanbase. Navigating physical space has always been unique in their relationship; early on, they began conceptualizing a room that was perfectly fit to Kalyn’s size, meaning everyone else considered “normal size” would have to cram into the space uncomfortably. If Gregg is the business muscle full of ideas in this collaborative duo, Kalyn is the crafty heart full of feelings charging to the front, and interdependence is their road map to the future. Utilizing each other's skill sets to make small ideas become big dreams, they continue to push each other to the limit. First music, then politics, performance art, musical theatre, public television, community events, and now, taking the plunge into installation art. MEET WHEELCHAIR SPACE CAMP!

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