Liza Bender

Liza Bender

Worked on Omega Mart


Liza Bender is a multidisciplinary creative, mutualistic collaborator and an instigator of curiosity. She has worked with a variety of media, materials and modalities. Her projects range from environment design, assemblage sculpture, VR experiences and performing arts.
She is inspired by the relationships between nature, technology and human behaviors; specifically of their juxtapositions, influences and symbiotic relationships.

For the Omega Mart Factory, Liza designed an architectural interactive light installation environment called Infinite Tuning Tunnels. Beyond the large scale trio of framed hex mirror lighting fixtures, Liza consulted on many of the rooms' aesthetic choices. There were architectural decisions, light placements, colors, finishes and she even instigated the interactive connectivity between the Music Mill by Moldover and the Infinite Tuning Tunnels. When the mill consoles are touched the environment fills with sound, bouncing light and reflections from the tunnels; a multi-sensory improvisational experience.

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