Scott Hildebrandt

Scott Hildebrandt

Worked on Convergence Station


My love of miniatures goes way back to my childhood, when I used to spend hours and hours with my Grandfather, who was a model train enthusiast. Affectionately nick-named "Mister Christmas," I have combined my passion for miniatures with my passion for holidays, the outdoors, and all things repurposed. I enjoy finding new ways to repurpose discarded antique vessels and giving them new life by building miniature vignettes using vintage clocks, cameras, radios, volt meters, airplane salvage, old toys, and various other vintage and antique vessels. Each scene is a one-of-a-kind view of every-day life, whether it is a snapshot of nature, or a glimpse of a bustling city. I always include tiny pieces of magic, like trees, flowers, buildings, flashing signs, streetlights, automobiles, or anything from daily life. In all of my work I never include “people”. I want to invoke your mind to imagine that you are there in the diorama. I might include a small animal but never miniatures of people. Most pieces are lit using small LED lights and most pieces include moving parts and other interesting ideas that make each viewer feel like a kid in a candy store. Each work by “Mister Christmas” is made in my studio space at the BLAMS Art Studio in Englewood, CO.

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