Viviane Le Courtois

Viviane Le Courtois

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Viviane Le Courtois creates process-based artworks and conceptual installations since 1989. Her art often intrigues visitors by connecting art to everyday life and inviting thoughtful participation.

Viviane received her DNSEP (MFA) from the Ecole Pilote Internationale d’Art et de Recherches in Nice, France in 1992. After extensive travels in Asia, she moved to the US in 1994, completing an MA in Art History at the University of Denver in 2000. She was the recipient of a Korea Foundation fellowship in 1993, a Colorado Mastermind in Visual Arts in 2009, residencies at RedLine Denver from 2008 to 2011 and at the Denver Art Museum in 2016, and an Octopus Initiative grant from the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver in 2018. She has exhibited in Europe and across the US including at MCA Denver, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver Botanic Gardens and the Biennial of the Americas. She is an art instructor, curator, and the co-founder of Processus, the institute of art and life.

“I select or invent processes and materials to fit each concept. I obsessively accumulate, create and transform conceptually interesting objects. Many of my works indirectly comment on global contemporary society, human interactions and the environment. I am interested in social and experimental forms of art, in art that blends with life and makes people think. My art is a series of experiments, chance discoveries and reflections on everyday life. If people remember what they see, it is art.” Viviane Le Courtois

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