The Real Unreal

Hands that Steal from "Other" Mouths

Located in Lamp Shop Alley

A theatrical, surreal two-player video game about Empire and extraction, Hands that Steal from “Other” Mouths, personifies the exploitive relationship between the global North and South in a thrilling game of hide and seek. Players that choose to hide, play as the “Mouth.” Your role is to protect the community of “Moutheria,” a peaceful society of anthropomorphic mouths that are indigenous to the land they have preserved for centuries. As a guardian of “Moutheria,” it's your goal to run through the environment hiding the land’s valuable treasures and resources while stopping those who seek to steal them by biting. Players that choose to seek, will play as “The Hand,” a literal hand that plunders the land of “Moutheria” for profit. Taking is your legacy. It's what your parents did, It’s what your ancestors did and now, it’s your turn to get a piece of the action. Control the hand like a crane drifting above the environment on the hunt for resources and grab what you can without getting bitten.

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