The Real Unreal

Live and Let Diorama: Our Ghost Universe

Located in Lamp Shop Alley

The poet Muriel Rukeyser wrote “the universe is made of stories not of atoms” in her poem “The Speed of Darkness”.

What is the nature of reality? How do we know what is true? The world around us appears in layers, it doesn’t appear as one single unified thing. There are many overlapping and compatible ways to understand the world. We as humans are storytellers by nature. What is your story?

In my four unique diorama installations, I create worlds where visual perception is questioned and appears to differ from reality and where interplay captivates the observer.

Through the use of lenticular lenses, dichroic film, mirrors, lighting effects, and other mixed media materials worlds are created that leave the viewer with an altered sense of what is real. These works invite viewers in for a closer look to discern the multilayered environments and to engage with their surroundings, perhaps telling a story of a path to a different world. Audiences are encouraged to view environments in new and unforeseen ways. Lenticular materials and lighting effects add depth to suggest a melting glacier with glowing lights buried deep within. They suggest a cityscape of skyscrapers that appear and disappear as you change your angle of incidence, a never-ending tunnel that swallows you, and an interactive screen with morphing animation that you control.

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