The Real Unreal

The Greeter

Located in Lamp Shop Alley

A viewer enters a dark room. The depth and shape of the room are obscured by mirrored panels on the walls. They are surrounded by vibrant, translucent foliages, in varying scales and patterns. But the viewer’s eyes are drawn to meet the gaze of a large, charismatic figure. This greeter is a texterous spectacle, familiar yet off-putting. It has a bulbous foam, covered in fur, save for its long, fleshy legs, which ripple down to the floor. One such appendage reaches toward the viewer, its red eye capturing their gaze. Other creatures crawl around the room amongst the foliages, some in fur and some insect-like. The fluctuations in scale and the abstracted life forms disorient the viewer and ask them to discover where and when they are. An occasional text fragment can be found etched into the trees. The words obscure into illegible scrawl, like swirling smoke in the wind. The fragments give clues, indicating that the viewer is inside someone’s memory of being lost in a forest and interacting with unknown life forms.

The Greeter Contributors

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