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Eye Spy

Located in Neon Kingdom

Pay attention to your surroundings because right beneath your nose, a community may be forming around you.

“Eye Spy” is an ode to childhood, where curiosity led you to find stories in the little things.

As the viewer enters the room, they initially see a large face with two circular windows for eyes. However, they will soon discover a society of little people using the objects around them to create a diverse city. Scattered throughout the landscape are various toys, which can be a game in itself to find all the hidden objects throughout the mural.

Moving further down the mural, the viewer may encounter a colorful V-shaped nook. Colorful people are stacked on top of each other, forming a delicate balancing act. Like these stacking pieces, finding balance, both literally and metaphorically, is the ultimate challenge in creating communities and cultivating imagination.

Eye Spy Contributors

The credits page is organized by different levels of contribution: Exhibition, Anchor Space or Project.

You’re on a project page within the Neon Kingdom Anchor Space in the The Real Unreal Exhibition.

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Creative Contributors

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