The Real Unreal

Alter Room

Located in Optic Drift

Alter Room is a tribute to the non-binary Hindu deity, "Ardhanarishvara," a composite masculine/feminine singular figure depicting the unification of Shiva and Parvati as one entity as a geometric symbol comprised of triangles both pointing downwardly and upwardly. The upward-pointing triangle represents masculine energy and the downward-pointing triangle represents the shakti, feminine energy. Interlocking floor-to-ceiling black and white symmetry encases the dimensional representation of harmony as a further iteration of the push/pull relationship of the two energetic focal points. Two pairs of coiling, golden serpents coexist quietly within each of the entrance corners of the space to greet visitors with a subtle message of, "protection." A wall of red constantly faces the deity in an ever-energizing display of static commitment. To build onto the legacy of Kinetic Art, digital media fills the space with the motion of light's rays, confronting the otherwise colorless void of positive and negative or reductive space. Minimal electronic subtlety combined sounds of the sea meeting the shores of Kauai and its birds of paradise combine for a furthered echo of cosmic hospitality. Inspired by Indian tradition, visitors are encouraged to practice the simple yogic act known as, "Pradakshinam," where you stand in the space and slowly turn around three times, in a motion that resembles the earth spinning on its axis, and then gaze into the geometric sculptural representation of our universe.

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