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While working onsite with ATTF (Art Team Task Force) we often joked about going to work at the Acid Mines… Towards the end of finishing The Real Unreal, I was given the opportunity to lead a team building out a space that had the vague prompt of being a mineshaft. I had the thought to approach it with the intention and spirit of collaboration and non-work related inspiration, some of the impulses that the early days of Meow Wolf were infused with and I would like to preserve and tap into. Much of the materials used were the material byproducts of the construction job site, and conglomeration of past art projects and interesting objects. One of the aspects of collaborating within Meow Wolf has been collaboratively arranging art and objects in a way that they have a conversation with each other, sort of inside jokes or outside jokes or whatever inspires us and creates our culture. The intention is that the Ineffable Assets diorama becomes a place for the artists and staff of The Real Unreal to contribute their inspirations and artwork and evolve the piece in the years to come.

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