Convergence Station

Laser Orrery

Located in Eemia

The Laser Orrery was spun out of the problem of "how do you build something that can not be built?”. It was originally planned as a physical object, but that become impossible and I created it as laser projection. As we explored the capabilities of the projected system, we were able to build it into a cooperative game and add multiple states. All aspects of the projection are controlled via the panels on the two mechs. I worked through many different approaches to make this functional. Starting with midi control and finally settling on OSC with a master game engine that takes input from the mechs, parses it, and then passes it into the laser display system. To the best of my knowledge, this is the most complex, real time laser game system ever developed. The Orrery is used to explore the binary solar system and to open the wormhole portal into the next universe. It’s a relic of a planet long diminished by the ravages of time.

Laser Orrery Contributors

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