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Convergence Station

Sparkle Cave

Located in Numina

Sparkle Cave, by artist Shayna Cohn, is a cave is filled with light. It is a place to recharge your inner sparkle. Sparkle Cave exists in outer space, where space debris floats cutely in zero gravity along with unknown life forms. It is a beam of light in the deep-deep ocean. Sparkle Cave is nature in drag, it is a dizzying and joy-filled caricature of the natural world. There are a hallucinatory number of visual yum-yums embedded into the walls of Sparkle Cave. These gooey, globular, spiked, and spiraling shapes float in a fractured mosaic suspended in the walls of the cave. Reminiscent of space junk in the ether or the candy-filled grotto of your nightmares. Sparkle cave is also an internal site, it houses your dreams, your fears, and it holds the infinite space of imaginative possibility. Sparkle Cave is for everyone.

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