Nora Galler

Nora Galler

Worked on The Real Unreal & Convergence Station


Riding this wave to see where it takes me. I've been with Meow Wolf for 4.5 yrs in various project execution roles including Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Show Manager, and now Creative Producer. Per my Gemini personality, I crave change and value flexibility. In previous careers I've been in non-profit and public services management and interactive technologies business development.

At Meow Wolf, I enjoy working with my talented co-workers across all departments and learning new aspects of exhibition design and development everyday. My fav experience to date has been the short (and oh so sweet) project, Kaleidoscape, a dark ride Meow Wolf created for Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado. At home, I continue my love of learning via outdoor exploration, photography, extensive reading (on all things), volunteering, and trying not to have too many hobbies.

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The Real Unreal

Creative Producer


My contributions to Convergence Station started in early 2018 in the concept development phase and concluded during installation, summer 2021. I worked with exhibition teams, collaborating artists, partners, and vendors on the design, development, fabrication and installation of artwork throughout Convergence Station. I was the project liaison to the Artists Collaboration team, supporting communications and the contracting process for over 100 collaborating artists.


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