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The Museum Cases near Portals Bermuda display sentimental and precious objects assembled for some strange purpose.

Museum Cases Contributors

The credits page is organized by different levels of contribution: Exhibition, Anchor Space or Project.

You’re on a project page within the Portals Bermuda Anchor Space in the House of Eternal Return Exhibition.

Creative Leads

  • Caity Kennedy
    Project Lead, Museum Case Design & Curation, Q-tip Coral, Finger Nail Lichen, Red & White Blob, Grey Goop on Stick in Vase, Monkey Painting, Drip Painting, Yarn Ball, Glitter Rubber Band Ball, Silver CD Houses, Glass Bead Goop, Dipped Pine Cones, Box of Gunk, Candle Holder Ball, Cement Sphere with Coral, Mini Coral, Cement Space Ship, Eye Shrine, Glass Bowl of Fluff, Plaster Face, Gold Coral, Red Sea Serpent, Glass Igloo, & more

Creative Contributors

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