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Oscillabond Particulizer

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The Oscillabond Particulizer is a brand-new musical instrument built upon decades-old technology. Gracing the glowing display of this precision lab tool is synaesthetic mapping of sound to form. It’s a pure joy to play, with a wide range of entertaining animations and brilliantly retro blips. However the real magic comes when you discover that this is no hoax - you are indeed seeing what the sounds actually look like! It’s a mind-boggling journey into the true nature of oscillating wave forms. In Rich’s own words: “it infuses source particles into product via essential human manipulation, in a oscillatory-bonding process that remains esoteric to most technicians outside of Dramcorp.”

Visitors can approach one of three center-facing consoles, each of which includes 16 illuminated buttons, 16 glowing knobs and a retro display. This lively cathode ray display beckons you to reach out and play. The animations and sounds instantly astound and keep you and your musical collaborators discovering, jamming and immersively engaged.

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