Claudia Bueno

Claudia Bueno

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Claudia Bueno is an internationally recognized Venezuela born artist renowned for creating immersive technological wonders using light, sculpture and sound. Her mesmerizing multi-dimensional displays of captivating light and intricate composition transmit a quality of timeless spaciousness that viewers simultaneously lose and find themselves in.

Lights, motors, circuits, sound, wind, and video power her creations with pulsations and movements that emanate from Claudia’s uniquely personal creative language. Detailed drawings, meticulous cutouts and elaborate structures leave evidence of the intimate dedication the artist has with her work.

Through her own intricate process of immersive suggestion Claudia creates large scale, multi-sensory light installations that communicate a profound sense of wonderment and awe. Designed to guide spectators on a contemplative journey these hypnotic worlds are populated by signatures of life from micro to macro, existing in communion and living as one interconnected cosmic web. Fluidly pulsating colors and ever evolving sounds make the creations come all the more alive.

Living in various countries around the world, Claudia has been inviting adventure and collecting cultural experiences that enrich her life and inspire her creative process. Strongly committed to inner healing and spiritual growth, Claudia fills her art with a quality of mystical curiosity that mirrors her personal fascination with Energy, Consciousness and Nature - ultimately transforming her art into a celebration of Life and Creation.

Additionally, Claudia is the founder and designer of "Alucik", a highly creative jewelry line of mini wearable versions of her art, and "Compass to Freedom", a transformational platform that offers creative coaching, workshops and retreats.

Surrounded by stunning Teton mountain scenery in her Idaho home, Claudia creates art and enjoys nature while teaching creativity, healing and personal growth to students and peers alike.

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