Corvas Brinkerhoff

Corvas Brinkerhoff

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station, Omega Mart & House of Eternal Return


I am an artist, leader, and experience designer. My medium is collaboration. My passion is to create the worlds most beautiful, imaginative, and powerful immersive experiences. My creative practice is centered around vision, team building, and strategic thinking. I am also well versed in immersive tech and interactivity, storytelling, and the creation of large scale art installations. My role as SVP of Experience Design at Meow Wolf emerged over 13 years of creative exploration at the nexus of art, story, and technology, steering our immersive experiences towards dynamic, media-rich, interactive environments. As Executive Creative Director of Meow Wolf Las Vegas, it's my responsibility to set the creative vision, and build and synchronize our teams around that vision. In that capacity I play the role of project leader, curator, experience designer, and artist. I seek to empower and amplify the work of the artists I collaborate with. I believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and that we do our best work when we have well designed boundaries and the freedom to explore our creative instincts. I build teams of self-actualized individuals who are more knowledgeable and talented than me, offering a structure that supports the expression of their creative genius.

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Convergence Station

Senior Vice President of Experience Design

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Omega Mart

Executive Creative Director

It’s been a supreme privilege to lead the creative vision of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart exhibition in Las Vegas. This show was and is an active experiment in new paradigms of storytelling. Our goal is to create a seminal moment in the evolution of how stories are told through art and immersive experience. I hope that all of our guests will walk away with their hearts and minds filled with a sense of awe and wonder. And for those that chose to dig deeper into the story of Omega Mart, I hope this exhibition will prompt a sincere series of questions and reflections about the our lives, our culture, our role in the world, and the future of our species. If they pick up a few tongue in cheek jokes along the way, all the better.


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House of Eternal Return

Technical Director, Project Management & Directorship, Global Sound Design & Infrastructure


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