Han Sayles

Han Sayles

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station, Omega Mart & House of Eternal Return


Han Santana-Sayles is a curator and the Director of Artist Collaboration for Meow Wolf, an immersive, collaborative arts exhibition based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She graduated cum laude from Colorado College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature as the commencement speaker for her class. After several years of community organizing, art-making and curation in Colorado Springs, she joined Meow Wolf as an Artist Liaison in 2018. In her role at Meow Wolf she aims to curate the best creatives across every medium throughout the world while offering exhibitions as a platform for diverse, emerging, and underrepresented artists across the country. Han gravitates towards futuristic sci-fi aesthetics and maximalism, often incorporating parody or humor. Her name is pronounced with a hard "a" like "Ham", not like "Han Solo" the fighter pilot from Star Wars with a heart of gold.

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The Real Unreal

Director of Artist Collaboration

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Convergence Station

Director of Artist Collaboration

I led the effort to recruit 130 Colorado-based collaborating artists for Convergence Station. This cohort of artists was local, diverse, emerging artists that represented the diversity of the city of Denver. I facilitated an open call Request for Proposal that was open to all artists in the state of Colorado. Once onboarded, I worked with our collaborating artists, the Meow Wolf project team and the Convergence Station Artist Liaison to ensure their projects were successfully completed.

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Omega Mart

Collaborating Artist Support

I was a supporting Artist Liaison for the Omega Mart exhibit. I curated the mural artists on the exterior of Omega Mart leading into the exhibit. I also recruited our local Art Team Task Force team contributors. Art Team Task Force is a group of on-site artists who contribute the final artist touch to our exhibits.

I curate the artists for our Rotations projects at the House of Eternal Return on an annual basis. This is a process where we rotate various rooms or smaller elements in order to refresh the exhibit and give more artists an opportunity to contribute to the exhibit. We invite local and national artists to build these new worlds with us on a yearly basis.


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