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House of Eternal Return

Catacombers All-Way

Located in Portals Bermuda

What is a hallway in a space like Meow Wolf? What is a hallway in Space? Catacomberʼs All-Way plays with path-choosing and multiverse-walking. While those passing through the All-Way have three “reality-based” doorway options to choose from, there will also be the implication that there are many more directions to travel in this uncanny transitional space. From every side, the surfaces are covered with intensely colorful geometric patterns. These pattern riffs will not only look great, they will bring a sort of nerdy mathematics of a multiverse to life. What path will visitors choose through this weird hall? The purpose of Catacomberʼs All-Way is to show that our choices change with our perspective and each moment holds a potential multiplicity of experience.

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