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House of Eternal Return

until I see you again

Located in The Caves

As you enter the installation, shape, structure, color, detail, and light grasp your attention. The environment diverts your consciousness away from the comings and goings of the outside world, and towards sensation of the physical – the present moment. You have stepped out onto a new planet, one sprouting an unfamiliar fauna, glowing in colored light. You see order: perfectly aligned rows of white string. You discover disorder: tangled shapes, anthropomorphic shadows bouncing off of the walls. Striking hard lines and synthetic materials draw a contrast to the organic forms that seem to be floating in space.

Dynamic video projections light up the room, bringing the sculptural components to life and highlighting visual illusions of depth and space. An abundance of sensation is both disorienting and calming. A visceral reaction may turn into contemplative thought. As you become lost in the world of string, sensation and emotion may arise. This place feels safe and familiar, yet so striking and distant. For a moment, in this odd beautiful world, you’ve forgotten the chaos of the order you try to create everyday. For a moment you are filled with the harmonious energy of order and disorder.

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