Kyle Singer

Kyle Singer

Worked on Convergence Station


I am a self-described colorslut carried by the compulsion to create and to leave no space unpopulated. My practice embraces erratic versatility and explores concepts of personal, public and private thought. I am interested in ideas of nostalgia and the various complexities of how individual existence and the collective unconscious intermingled to create shared spaces for exchange. Our memories are not fixed, they are far closer to a living organism; everytime we call upon our memories we are reshaping them and leaving new imprints. I hope my space can become a sanctuary to exhume old memories and to create new ones. I endeavor to interject the mind with new kernels of fun, whimsy, serenity, and color. Art encourages contemplation of the kaleidoscopic nature of reality and can be a way of reawakening sensibilities blunted by a culture of fear.

This installation is inspired by my mother who worked as a hairdresser when I was a child. I have fond memories of playing with the salon chair and staring at the hauntingly beautiful women of Patrick Nagel posters while wondering if the blue liquid in the comb jar would give me superpowers like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kyle Vincent Singer is an Interdisciplinary Artist living and working in Denver, CO.
Creator of Waffle Cone Club LLC

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