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Celestial Guardians

Located in Neon Kingdom

The Celestial Guardians are a mother and daughter who provide protection to all adventurers that seek rest from the outside world. All who pass through their home are invited to connect this duo of goddesses.

Visitors can step inside the room and take a moment to relax while they view the mural that depicts the portraits of two women tending for each other. Otherworldly jewels and stars hang from their hair and invite the viewer to admire them more closely. Their hands protrude from the walls, hoping to embrace visitors. The sides of the room depict the guardians separately, seeking to be reunited with each other, thinking of past moments together.

Guests may lounge on an inviting soft bench that sits atop a custom floor graphic. The design on this graphic depicts the motifs of the microcosm where these guardians live, their secret language. Directly above the viewers floats a hanging mobile, with translucent stars and shapes dangling and reflecting the light around them, inviting those who visit to lay down and look at them as they turn.

This mural room is an exploration of the concept of family, specifically the relationship between mother and child. How the connections between people create a universe between them. The Home of Celestial Guardians seeks to bring all visitors the feeling of relaxation and warmth that they would feel when they are in the company of the people closest to them before they continue their journey through other spaces.

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