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The Real Unreal

Sleep Sounds

Located in Neon Kingdom

Silence can be soft or sharp; Silence can smell clean or stale. Silence turns blue. It gets deeper and darker as the sounds from your body move toward your ears. A shudder runs through your hair. Silence is frozen. The actions are held still. It’s violent and sharp, but when staring it becomes soft like velvet.

You can now enter without fear.

I want to create somewhere to breathe. Somewhere you can pull out of your pocket, throw on the ground and jump into just like Bugs Bunny. It’s warm here but there's a cool breeze. You can exist among things without getting in their way. The dangers are no longer dangerous, but instead, fight to protect you and this place. It’s quiet, but no one can hear you move. Exploring does not give you away.

‘Sleep Sounds’ is a dream-scape mural made to provoke wonder. Crows are engines of surveillance hidden within brush, placed on top of elaborate perches. Ghost dogs guard portals to elsewhere transforming into vases as disguise. Small secrets are scattered throughout the illusive forest.

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The credits page is organized by different levels of contribution: Exhibition, Anchor Space or Project.

You’re on a project page within the Neon Kingdom Anchor Space in the The Real Unreal Exhibition.

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