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The Real Unreal

Furtive Glimpses

Located in The Forest

Beneath the surface of our man-made world is a unique realm of possibilities. As our refuse spreads across the planet’s surface and is scraped just below the visible horizon, a new kingdom may arise using our detritus as the scaffolding or fuel needed to survive. I’ve been pursuing ideas of unnatural evolution through my sculpture and installations for the past several years. These dioramas are an opportunity to explore a next generation of ecosystem in a world peculiar to most of us.

In voids that glow from a communications network phosphorescence, sentinels watch intently for threats from above. Umbilicals tether creatures that hover above an alien garden and protect their seeds of reproduction. Tiny fluttering forms swarm toward subtle emanations to absorb energy. Nests of mysterious spores collect within pockets in the cavern floors and eventually burst forth into strangely radiant blooms.

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