Convergence Station

Starfield Telescopes

Located in Numina

The telescopes are sort of mollusk orchids that afford a transformed view of the Numina around them (like looking through water collected in a leaf, if that were alive. Like looking through a jellyfish and seeing it’s pov) The creature looks like you are looking through the body and out the “mouth” of the creature. Numina has threaded portals through different points in time and space across the multiverse, creating a network of stars and the Starfield Telescopes give the viewers a private glimpse into the unique beauty of select stars. As you swing the telescope around, different stars come in to focus and come alive inside the scope.

Starfield Telescopes Contributors

The credits page is organized by different levels of contribution: Exhibition, Anchor Space or Project.

You’re on a project page within the Numina Anchor Space in the Convergence Station Exhibition.

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