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A camping section in a grocery store? Omega Mart's elaborate attempt to recreate the great outdoors to be more accessible to 21st century "campers" involves sweeping vistas made from mountains of garbage, an anthropomorphized cooler, the Tubular Fire Boomstick, and camouflaged under a Trop Trash rain fly, a spacious pop-up tent which may or may not be responsible for the recent increase of "misplaced customers.

A little backstory:
The portal connecting Omega Mart and the Projected Desert through the tent in the Outdoor ReCreation section. Emily Montoya had the idea of recreating one of the striped fabric tent-fort kinds of things I had done for Life is Beautiful (and countless other parties and events). After the reductive process of what is possible in terms of durability and flammability, this is what we came up with.

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