Caleb Ortega

Caleb Ortega

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station & Omega Mart


I am a graphic designer for Meow Wolf currently residing with my love, my cat, and my treasures in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have a love for world-building and how design and art can help fantastical stories feel real. My other passions include cartoons, thai food, and reading obscure non-fiction.

The Real Unreal Logo

The Real Unreal

Lead Graphic Designer



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Omega Mart

Graphic Designer

I contributed in much of the narrative materials that tell the story of the exhibition characters. From secret handwritten letters, glow-in-the-dark office files, and whimsical digital interfaces; my team and I help shape the experience of unraveling mysteries that give context to the fantastical art pervading throughout the exhibition.


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