Padme OM

Padme OM

Worked on Convergence Station & House of Eternal Return


Visionary facilitator of men's work, nature therapy, and Conscious Community Consultant, Blake got his start as a leader for Rainbow Gatherings in his youth (scouting locations and cocreating camps/kitchens for this FREE gathering of conscious community from around the world). He was on the core team building of Meow Wolf (as an artist, builder, manager etc), and he spends his summers rafting with "troubled" youth. He's a self made man having grown up in very unconventional circumstances including foster care, and he's a revolutionary voice for Shadow Work as a path to INTEGRATION through community building. Blake is a father of two, and a brother to many-- he is a catalyst for community everywhere he goes including founding a community house in Santa Fe, NM and founder of WildHeart Sanctuary in Boulder Colorado. He's a master builder, artist, freestyler, alchemist and more.

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