Convergence Station

Convergence Station Story Development

Located in C Street, Eemia, Numina, Ossuary, Transit Station

Twenty-five years ago, a freak cosmic event merged four worlds from different universes, scattering the memories of all residents and causing the mystifying forgetting of four women who were integrally tied to this moment. The Quantum Department of Transportation serves as the gateway to these diverse worlds. In this hotbed of interplanetary cohabitation, memories serve as both currency and the key to unlocking the mystery of the Forgotten Four and the cause of this strange Convergence.

Story Development for Convergence Station was a multi-year process consisting of company-wide blue sky ideation; expansive world building, where hundreds of alien characters, societies, and businesses were created; intensive TV-style writers’ rooms, where the character arcs and story beats were mapped out; and the writing and scripting of hundreds of story deliverables, with the contribution of Experience Design and Exhibition Content, and the guidance of Creative Direction.

Convergence Station Story Development Contributors

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