Sydnee Mejia

Sydnee Mejia

Worked on Convergence Station & Omega Mart


Sydnee Mejia is an Art Director and Designer currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sydnee values the impact of art, travel, and personal connections in her work. Raised in California and Mexico City, she looks to nature and old world craftsmanship as her guiding light. Syd applies her range of experience across the design, hospitality, and arts industries to create thoughtful, tactile design that transcends commercial art.


Omega Mart Logo

Omega Mart

Lead Graphic Designer

As a Lead Graphic Designer I focused on a wide range of graphic needs and making sure from a conceptual level that the graphics in the Omega Mart space told the story with a visual punch. Specifically I worked on grocery product packaging design, the Omega Mart brand, in world sub-brands, mural designs, narrative prop objects, signage, etc.


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